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When you need the very best installation supplies

When you’re ready to install your brand-new flooring, why scour your sources looking for the very best installation supply store? We offer everything you might need for a perfect flooring installation, every time. And that includes top-notch consultations and advice for those that need it.

Choosing a trustworthy supply store is important because you’ll then have a friend in the business that you can return to, again and again, if necessary. If you get home and find you’ve forgotten something, you know you can simply visit us again and we’ll help you take care of the problem.

What you need to know about installation supplies

If you’ve never done an installation on your own before, you can still get the expertise and guidance necessary for a job well done, simply by visiting us. For instance, you'll find out secrets about the installation of simpler products, such as luxury vinyl and laminate, as well as the tools and tricks necessary for harder projects such as carpet and hardwood flooring.

Often, the right supplies can mean the difference between a successful installation and one that might not be up to par. Don't worry though, we'll make sure you know what those differences are and how you can achieve the best results. From grout to seam connection and everything in between, we have exactly what you’re looking for in installation necessities.

We’ll make sure you don’t forget supplies such as underlayment, finish nails, vapor and moisture barriers, wood filler, glue, spacers, moldings, and much more. What’s more, we’ll share the secrets for preparing for the installation, conducting subfloor repairs, if necessary, and let you know how long you should refrain from walking on your new floors for the best results.

For more information about the supplies you’ll need for your flooring, come see us today.

Getting to know us for your installation supplies

Half Price Flooring has plenty of experience in flooring and installation supplies, and as an installation supply retailer, we’ll make sure you have everything you need. Just let us know what you’re undertaking, and we’ll make sure you leave with everything necessary for the job.

From our Riverdale, UT showroom, we serve the communities of Riverdale, Ogden, Roy, Layton, and Morgan, UT. We’d love to serve you too by offering all the supplies necessary for a splendid flooring experience. We look forward to helping you get your project underway right away.

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